Dating Vintage Barbie Dolls

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The Most Expensive Barbie Dolls

The copyright on the Barbie dolls is not always the year that the doll was manufactured. In fact, many dolls with the copyright were actually manufactured in the s and s, which means they have little value to collectors. These markings often include a date. The confusion comes when people see this information and think they’ve found a vintage Barbie doll. However, there are a few Barbie dolls with a marking that are vintage and valuable. Most of these were made in Japan in the late s or early s.

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Many people think that when they see the date on the back of a barbie doll, that it is the vintage one. Probably not so. One foolproof way of determining whether your Barbie well her body anyway is vintage, is if the butt portion has Japan on it, and it may be on the bottom of her foot as well. Barbie and family were made in Japan from After that, many were made in Mexico, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. If your doll says China or Malaysia or Indonesia, it is not vintage. The heads sometimes had Japan on the neck rim but not always.

This is where investigation becomes necessary. Sometimes heads were switched by their young owners or their friends. So you need to look at the head and do some research, is it a ponytail, a bubblecut, an American Girl?

Ken 1961-62 ensemble

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Barbie is the figurehead of a brand of Mattel dolls and accessories, including other family members and collectible dolls.

Shop for-and learn about-Vintage Barbie Outfits. From Barbie’s beginnings in , little girls clothed their Barbie dolls in a range of ensembles. No less.

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Vintage Clothes & Accessories

While the majority of the higher-priced dolls have only been produced in more recent years, some barbies stashed in the attic or garage can also fetch high prices when sold to the right buyer. While it may have been 60 years since the first blonde-haired, black and white swimsuit dressed Barbie hit the toy store shelves, the popularity has not diminished. Each year the Mattel company continues to bring out new dolls, each with their own career, style or famous profile. The Barbie Doll first began as an idea a mother came across when seeing her young daughter Barbara play time and time again with paper cut out dolls.

A place for photos of fabulous Barbie dolls from the s era. Please post any photos of Barbie dolls from the 80s that hold a special place in your heart.

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How to Tell If You Have a Vintage 1966 Barbie Doll

These markings have have a date. The confusion comes when people see this information and think they’ve dating a vintage Barbie doll. However, barbie are a few Barbie dolls with a marking that are vintage and valuable.

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Since March , girls the world over have played with the fashion doll known as Barbie and collected not only the doll but also her friends and family. Barbie dolls have become collector’s items. But how do you know if you have a vintage Barbie doll that may be worth something more than sentimental value? Look for markings on the buttocks. Use a magnifying glass if necessary. The markings indicating where the doll was manufactured, a year and “Mattel” were located there on many early Barbie dolls.

Note that a date of was stamped on many Barbie and friends dolls but does not positively affirm the doll was manufactured in that year. Look for markings country of manufacture, year, and company name on the lower back in the waist region. Many dolls made in later years have markings in that area. If you have the original box or the original clothing the doll came with, these will give you some clues as to the date the doll was manufactured.

The first Barbie doll from came clothed in a one-piece swimsuit with black and white stripes. Look for features that may indicate a Barbie doll was manufactured in the early years. One of the original Ken dolls had fuzzy hair on his head, while most later Ken dolls had molded plastic hair. Some of the early Barbie dolls had eyelashes that seemed almost real.

Barbies – Clothes 1965-66

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Ah, Barbie: The 20th century’s signature doll. Just under 12 inches tall, equipped withthe mythic porportions of , Barbie will celebrate her 35th birthday next March. En Route, she has perhaps attracted more attention and more analysis than any other toy in recent memory. Titled “You’ve Come A Long Way, Barbie,” The four-day event will offer fashion competitions, lectures by Mattel designers, a parade of collectors modeling human-sized Barbie fashions and a slew of dealers selling vintage Barbies for as high as several thousand dollars each.

Barbie has proven to be one of the most successful toys of all time: More than million Barbie dolls and her family members have been sold since The typical American girl now oens an average of eight Barbie dolls, according to Mattel Toys. It’s a statistic that rankles feminists, who say that Barbie has created impossible physical standards for women, and moralists, who think the doll represents the untimate Material Girl.

But wherever you stand on the subject of Barbie, one thing is certain: A lot of people take this doll seriously. Sometimes too seriously, says year-old convention chairman and collector Mark Ouellette.

Barbie and Ken 1961 Vintage Mattel Dolls